Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use of Grupa Azoty Blog

ART. 1

The following expressions in Terms of Use should be interpreted as follows:
a) “Terms of Use” – this document, the Terms and Conditions of Use of Grupa Azoty Blog.
b) “Grupa Azoty” – a brand of all companies which belong to the capital group of Grupa Azoty S.A.; “Grupa Azoty S.A.” – the parent company with headquarters located in Kwiatkowskiego 8, 33-101 Tarnów.
c) “Grupa Azoty Blog” – the website maintained by Grupa Azoty S.A., and dedicated to covering the events in all Grupa Azoty companies. The website makes it possible for the Bloggers to publish their texts, and for the Users to express their opinion. The Blog is administered by the Corporate Public Relations Office.
d) “Administrator” and “Owner” – Grupa Azoty S.A. company.
e) “Blogger” – a person asked or commissioned by Grupa Azoty S.A. to create or edit the content of Grupa Azoty Blog.
f) “Opinion” – a comment about the material published by Grupa Azoty Blog.
g) “Comment” – all content published on the Blog by the Users.
h) “User” – a person who uses the Blog, reads and/or comments on the posts.

ART. 2

The Terms of Use specify the conditions and rules concerning the use of Grupa Azoty Blog, making comments and quoting the content of the Blog; they also specify the competences of the Blog Administrator.

Terms and regulations regarding the use of Grupa Azoty Blog

ART. 3

Grupa Azoty Blog is a source of information about the functioning and activity of Grupa Azoty as a whole, the member companies which form Grupa Azoty S.A. Capital Group, and the situation in the chemical business. The Blog’s purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of opinion between the Users and the Bloggers. Opinions that do not refer to the subject matter of the Blog may be deleted or found unsuitable for publication by the Administrator.

ART. 4

The Blog is the official Blog of Grupa Azoty, and therefore the opinions which constitute an advertisement of other companies and their products may be deleted or not published by the Administrator.

ART. 5

The Blog contains posts by the Members of the Board of Grupa Azoty S.A., the staff of the Capital Group that belongs to the company as well as the guests who have been invited to share their specialist knowledge and opinions with the Users.

ART. 6

The Administrator retains the right to the delete or refrain from the publication of opinions containing explicit language and content which is illegal according to the current legal regulations, also the content which is abusive or infringing on the rights of third parties.

ART. 7

The User may publish their own opinions, including those which are critical of the subject matter of the posts and the comments of other Users. At the same time, the User is obliged to phrase such comments in a polite and civil manner and to remember about the observance of moral rules. Any criticism of Grupa Azoty and its staff or the products on offer ought to be based on facts and be supported by substantive arguments.

ART. 8

Grupa Azoty S.A. (and some companies which are a part of Grupa Azoty S.A. Capital Group) is quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Due to this fact, the Administrator reserves the right to moderate comments which go against the legal regulations concerning the stock market in Poland, and constitute actions subject to an audit by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. All attempts at stock speculation and activities which might disrupt the trade of stock may result in the Administrator undertaking some preventive steps, including legal measures.

ART. 9

Each User of the Blog is obliged to observe the Terms of Use. In particular, the User is obliged to refrain from any activity which might hamper or interrupt the functioning of the Blog and cause harm or damage to Grupa Azoty and other Users.

ART. 10

A comment may be posted by any User on condition they submit their username and their email address.

ART. 11

A comment will appear on the website once it has been accepted by the Administrator, unless the comment has been classified as spam automatically.

ART. 12

The Administrator is not a party in conflicts between the Blog Users.

ART. 13

Grupa Azoty S.A. does not take responsibility for the content written and published by the Users. The content posted by the Users does not constitute opinions or beliefs of the Blog authors. However, the Administrator retains the right to edit or abridge texts or delete content which is illegal, vulgar, offensive or infringes on the rules of the social conduct.

ART. 14

All data published by the Administrator on Grupa Azoty Blog come from sources found by Grupa Azoty S.A. to be reliable and trustworthy. Should possible mistakes caused by human factor or technical errors, or any other circumstances, appear on the Blog, the Administrator will not be held liable for any errors or omissions which might appear in the Blog content.

Intellectual property

ART. 15

No fragment of this publication (including such content as texts, graphic elements and layout, logotypes, images, photographs or any other content) presented on Grupa Azoty S.A. Blog may be reproduced or published in any form in any manner without without giving the source (the name of the author and the website address) and a prior consent of the Administrator given in writing.

ART. 16

Publications on Grupa Azoty S.A. Blog and the graphic design elements, logotypes and other data is protected by copyright and belongs to their/ owners.

Final terms

ART. 17

By publishing a comment on the Blog, the User declares that they have read and they accept the Terms of Use. Using Grupa Azoty Blog is synonymous with accepting its Terms of Use.

ART. 18

The Terms of Use are may be accessed via using the following address: www.grupaazoty.com

ART. 19

Grupa Azoty S.A. retains the right to modify the content of the Terms of Use at any time and is not obliged to provide justification for the modification.

ART. 20

In case the Terms of Use change, Grupa Azoty S.A. will inform the Users about this fact without delay by publishing the full new text on the Blog.

ART. 21

The Terms of Use are valid as of September 1st, 2014.